Why Choose GRP Roof Covering for Your Flat Roof

GRP Roof covering offers an excellent finish and incredible longevity if laid appropriately.

GRP represents ‘Glass Reinforced Plastic’ a product made from a polyester material, which is strengthened by sliced hair mat glass fibres to develop a GRP laminate.

It is a popular composite material to utilise due to the fact that not just is it really strong however likewise surprisingly light. And ideal for a flat roof repair.

A suitably laid fibreglass roof covering also known as GRP Roof, can last for at least 30 years without any measurable damage. The roof covering has to be laid onto a dry deck in dry conditions at a temperature not listed below 5 ° C. The materials and leading layers must be suitable for use in GRP Roof

Installing GRP Roof

As for installation goes, the procedure starts with a new timber deck– either OSB3 or accepted plywood. This acts like a substratum to which the base material is used. Whilst the resin is damp, sliced hair matting support is embedded to develop an exceptional challenging membrane layer.

As quickly as this layer dries in around 30– 60 mins, a leading layer colored to your option of colour is applied to offer the roof covering a polished, eye-catching finish and also added UV resistance and strength.